Ever since its existence was confirmed (yes, I remember the day quite vividly), people have considered the Surface Pro as a potential rival for the iPad and the multitude of Android slates.

Microsoft, however, seems to be going one up and think of the Surface Pro as the perfect solution for people looking to buy Apple’s ultrathin notebook as well.

In an IAmA session over at Reddit (where else?), Panos Panay, the head responsible for the Surface division at Microsoft, said that the upcoming tablet is a perfect replacement for all MacBook Air and iPad users that want to enjoy the power and flexibility of Windows 8 in a lightweight package:

“Surface Pro is perfect for the person that wants a MacBook Air and an iPad, but doesn’t want the weight or hassle of both devices. We didn’t skimp on the performance you need to run a business but gave it to you in a very portable package.”

So, a two-on-one fight for the Surface with Windows 8 Pro, eh?

Understanding the iPad battle is easy, it’s a tablet versus tablet fight. But while the Surface Pro makes do without the clamshell design and keyboard of the Air, it does accomplish a lot of the functions of that thin and airy notebook from Apple.

What’s your take on this, folks? Does the Surface Pro have enough in it to really challenge both the MacBook Air and the iPad? Or it should be left to duke out with just the iPad and Microsoft should make plans for a good old Surface ultrabook.

You know, a 13 or 15 inch traditional ultrabook. Sound off below, and maybe Microsoft will hear you!

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  • garak0410

    I had the Surface RT and while there was much to like about it, I decided I needed something more like an ASUS 11.6 touchscreen laptop. So I sold my Surface RT and I’ve honestly been happier. That said, our CEO heard about the Surface Pro and wants me to buy one tomorrow to “test” (and it is a personal gift) to see how it works in the real world. So, I hope to report good things.

    • Michael Paterson

      What?! Surface Pro as a gift? I, good sir, want to work where you work.

      • garak0410

        Ha…well, I have ‘days’ here…I am more of an Enterprise support person but jumped at the chance to be an IT Director (and only IT guy) for a small but multi-million dollar company…the downsize is the large amount of custom spreadsheets with VBA…not my strong suit…the owner is nice but super hard boiled…you have to walk on eggshells with him…I did research the Surface Pro this weekend since I couldn’t order one and still not totally convinced we need them…WANT, yes, NEED, not sure…