Microsoft Surface Pro update – online and Southern California Best Buy

There seems to be some progress with the availability of the Microsoft Surface Pro online.

The website has been updated and as you can see in the image above, the 128GB Surface Pro is now available for order with one important caveat – it will be about 2 calendar weeks before it will ship.

You can head to the site to order here.

In more local news, I wen down to my local Best Buy and was told they were expecting approximately 10 (yeah you heard right) Surface Pros tomorrow (Saturday).

I pressed the guy and he said that 10 was all they were receiving according to their shipping manifest.

I’ll check it out tomorrow and let you guys know.

Once again though, the online store is accepting 128GB Surface Pro orders again.

  • Sam

    Called my local Best Buy and Staples Sunday 2/17 (South Florida) Neither had a 128 GB in stock and didn’t know when they were getting any. An other Microsoft flub. Maybe I should sell their stock too. How can I make any money when they can’t produce enough product to make a profit.

    • Robert Trance

      Order online