When it comes to the Microsoft Surface RT, there has been at least a little resentment from several of Microsoft’s partners. While Acer hasn’t been shy about their feelings regarding the Surface and Microsoft making hardware, they certainly aren’t the only ones that have some concern. How does HP feel about the Surface RT? They aren’t worried.

While they could have left it at that, HP’s executive VP, Todd Bradley took things even further. Basically, Bradley says that he hardly calls Surface competition. His reasons? There is limited distribution. Alright, I can agree with that I suppose.

What’s next seems a little like just poking at Microsoft Surface RT unfairly, at least in my opinion. “[The Surface] tends to be slow and a little kludgey as you use it. I just don’t think it’s competitive. It’s expensive. Holistically, the press has made a bigger deal out of Surface than what the world has chosen to believe.”

Okay, the pricing is a little higher than I would have liked, but is the Surface RT slow and unresponsive as he suggests? I don’t think so. Sure, I don’t own one, but from my limited time with one at a Microsoft Store– they seem responsive enough to me. Maybe if I used it more I’d change my mind, but somehow I don’t think so.

Is HP just talking because they are scared? After all, HP has yet to have any real success in the tablet world. Whether you liked WebOS or not, it was clearly a failure for the company. Their Windows 7 tablets haven’t exactly been well received either.

Do you think HP is right? Is the Surface RT not “real competition” when compared to other Windows 8 and RT tablets that are coming to the market? Share your thoughts below.

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