While Microsoft might be touting Internet Explorer 10 as a massive update that is world’s better than previous IE versions, this might not be true when it comes to Windows RT and the Surface.

A new benchmarking test performed using Futuremark Peacekeeper set out to test the Surface’s performance when it came to the web browser, specifically HTML5 speed and support.

The results weren’t so great, showing the Surface had a score of 348. To put that into perspective, the iPad 4th generation’s web test pumped out a 951 and the Nexus 7 scored a 489.

What’s going on here? Considering the Surface RT has great hardware and IE10 is quite solid and stunning, this seems like a very low number. There has a been a bit of discussion about this already on the net and there are many different possibilities.

First, this test is just flat wrong. After all, SunSpider benchmarking shows that HTML5 support for the Microsoft Surface RT is BETTER than the competition not worse. In fact, several different alternative tests all came out with totally different results— so take these kinds of “benchmark tests” with a grain of salt.

It is worth noting that almost all of these tests did put the Surface on the low-end of the performance results, though.

As econd possibility is that Surface RT and IE10 really don’t perform as well with HTML5. If this is true, its not the hardware at fault. There may still be some bugs and tweaks to work out with the ARM version of IE10 or even with Windows RT itself.

If this is true, don’t worry too much– any bugs that are slowing down performance will certainly be caught and fixed in time.

The bottom-line is that you can run a bunch of different benchmark tests for HTML5 and they are all going to slightly show a different picture. The most important test you can run is the “real life test”.

Browse with a Windows RT device (if you have access to one, maybe at a local retailer?) and judge for yourself. We should never put too much stock into these things, at least not in my opinion.

What do you think of the benchmark result from Peacekeeper?

Source 1 – Peacekeeper
Source 2 – Tom’s Hardware

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