When it comes to build quality, the Microsoft Surface RT is certainly top-notch. It has been ran over, thrown from heights and much more, and yet it still manages to find itself working in all these crazy situations.

Now CNET has put the Surface RT through the paces with a rigorous series of tests.

How well did it do?

The first test was to put the device (with cover on) in the freezer for two and half hours. The tablet survived the cold without a problem, which is actually pretty amazing.

Next up – the Surface was put through the test with an hour in the oven at 250 degrees, this time without the cover on.

Interestingly enough, they decided to put an egg on top of the Surface and cook it during this test.

Results here weren’t as good, but not really surprising when it comes to heat. The device needed to be plugged in for it to start up and the screen was now discolored– though it did still seem to run and respond just fine.

What finally killed the Surface was a glass of wine, which made it so that the touch screen display wouldn’t respond at all, essentially ruining the device.

As if that wasn’t enough, they decided to drop it from heights and destroy the device the rest of the way as well.

Honestly, most of these situations will never happen (or so I would hope) but it does show that the Surface was truly made to take a lot of damage and still keep on going.

Do you own a Microsoft Surface, what do you think of its durability so far?

Has it worked well enough for your needs?

Check out the video below…

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  • Rajko Pavic

    CNET could really at least try to act objectively – good think there are other sources out there. Just to paint you the picture, here are the conditions from testing 2 fairly similar devices:

    Freezing: Surface – 2.5hrs, iPad – 2hrs
    Heat: Surface – 1hr @ 250 degrees, iPad – 30min @ 150 degrees
    Spill: Surface – wine (leaves residue) , iPad – water (does not leave residue)

  • Dino Buljubasic

    I am under the impression that win 8 update was created with assumption that win 8 will ba a failure. The more articles I read here the more I want to block it. You are very subjective in most if not all your article. And stop trying to sell me your stupid books.