While the Microsoft Surface launch has gone rather smoothly in the United States, the same can’t be said for some international markets.

Microsoft has apologized numerous times for delays in areas like the UK and even given out gift cards and other cash incentives to make up for the wait.

We recently reported that UK shipments were finally starting to show up, though somewhat unannounced. Now it seems that Germany and Canada are also getting the ball rolling on these delayed shipments.
What is the hang up?

Honestly probably just high demand combined with the fact that Microsoft is still pretty new to directly launching their own hardware. With digital distribution and disk upgrades you don’t really have to worrying about selling out too quickly and not having enough stock.

Sure, Microsoft has played the hardware launch game with the Xbox 360 before— but it has been seven years now since that product launched.

Anytime a highly anticipated product launches there are shortages, delays and other mishaps to deal with along the way. Part of the price of being an early adopter is dealing with these problems first hand.

While being promised an October 26th arrival and not getting it until November 2nd or later might be frustrating, I suppose it is better late than never.

For those outside the United States, have you received your Surface yet or still waiting for its arrival?

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  1. Recieved in Belgium 2 days after I ordered it in France

  2. No here in Australia we haven’t received yet. As you have mentioned in your article new things come with delays but always with surprises. Let’s just wait for Windows to come over Australia.

  3. I think there is truly a shortage of stock combating the combined demand at the same time. Let’s not forget this has happened before when Microsoft launched Xbox but they tackled it where well and will do the same over here, I think by 10th Nov it will be available.

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