Microsoft Surface Tablets Reportedly Sold Out Everywhere

One thing Microsoft and friends got absolute right was the sheer variety of special promotional campaigns this Holiday season to boost sales of the Surface lineup of devices.

And the end result, it seems, is sheer success.

According to Mashable, both the Surface 2 and the Surface Pro 2 are sold at most retail locations in the United States. The major reason cited for this amazing performance are the impressive price cuts that both Microsoft and its retail partners offered.

As Ben Reed, senior manager for the Microsoft Surface team put it:

“As somebody working on the Surface team it’s certainly been exciting to see the public reaction to these two new products.

With regards to specific inventory levels or sales numbers we don’t comment on those specific figures… I would say that it’s our goal to get these two tablets into as many people’s hands as possible and we’re actively working with manufacturing teams and retail partners to replenish stock where it’s been sold out as soon as possible.”

But while clear sales figures are unavailable for the time being, it appears that along with Microsoft Stores, Best Buy, Walmart and a few other retailers are now out of tablets, making finding a Surface in the United States quite a task.

Still a bit too early to talk about a complete success or a complete victory, but the signs are very encouraging, nevertheless. Consumers seem surely interested.

  • Ray C

    Looks like Microsoft set their expectations too low. They probably didn’t order as many as they did first generation, now people might not be able to get anymore during the holiday season. This is the perfect time for another fire sale on Generation 1