If you live in the UK and have already ordered a Microsoft Surface, you may receive it any time now. Apparently the tablet has started shipping now but had system errors that suggested the order might be delayed.

With no confirmation that the devices are in fact on their way, the Surfaces are showing up at people’s doorsteps in the United Kingdom now.

Microsoft has already offered a £50 promotional code for UK users that might have experienced issues to do the emails sent in error, and that certainly will go a long way.

SO, if you think that you ordered the Surface and THINK it has been delayed, keep an eye out– it might be showing up any time soon after all.

For those in the UK, if you have yet to decide whether or not the Microsoft Surface is right for you or not, the Surface Experience Centers are now starting to show up and could give you the hands-on opportunity you need to make up your own mind about Microsoft’s newly launched tablet.

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