Microsoft’s Windows RT Surface tablet is expected to cost $600, according to a report from DigiTimes.

They also reported that Windows 8 Pro Tablet could cost around $800.

Windows 8 Pro Surface tablet is much more expensive than any other big named tablet currently in the market. If these numbers are correct,  Surface Pro will be around $300 more expensive than the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Also a lot of cheaper Android tablets are available in the market.

This strategy of Microsoft is very risky as they still need to set themselves in the tablet market. I think they should keep the price of their tablets low at the start so that it could gain market.

Well, the Surface tablet has a lot to offer to the user. Surface Pro tablet is an All-in-One package as it could run even the legacy desktop apps.

I am sure the business users who want productivity with mobility are going to love this.

Still it is a rumor only and there is not yet confirmation from Microsoft.

Let’s see what they think.

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  1. 800$ for an ultrabook (surface pro) would be quite a good and fair deal.

  2. id love one but if it does get released at that price, it would have to think long and hard before cracking open my wallet to pull out that sort of money. I would imagine that the oem’s are going to release windows8 tablets at a lower cost. and most likely would get more sales than the surface. Maybe that’s Microsoft’s plan tho, show how cool a win8 tablet could be and put it out there, shouting look over here this is pretty damn awesome, getting for thinking about the real world benefits of a windows tablet. while not getting the grief from partners as they can still put smiler tablets on the market and at a lower cost. if the surface sells its a win for MS and if the oem tablets do better its still a win for MS. whatever the plan and the thinking behind it is, half the tech world are already talking about them, and weighing up the pros and cons of getting one.

  3. The Pro at $800 makes sense (it is after all i7, not i5 or i3), but this at $600 seems too much.  $450 is about what I would be willing to pay.  Half the price for half the OS and way less than half the processing power.

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