The green robot is taking over the world. The tablet world to be more specific, as the newest figures signal in the end of an era. The iOS platform has officially lost its tablet supremacy.

Apple was sitting in top position two years back, with 61 million units sold — good enough for 53 percent. Android, back then, only managed to move 53 million tablets total for a 46 percent share.

But last year it managed to strike back and outsell the iPad almost twofold.

These new numbers from Gartner show that 195 million tablets were sold in 2013, out of which 62 percent were Android models. This translates to unit sales of 121 million units. On the other hand, Apple had to contend with 70 million iPads, grabbing 36 percent of the market in the process.

Microsoft, on the other hand, managed a 2.1 percent slice of the tablet pie.

This is a bit surprising when you consider the sheer variety of Windows powered tablets that hit the store shelves in late 2013. But chances are that things will improve this year as the platform improves, and the rumored arrival of the Surface Mini — an affordable and smaller slate.

They should, considering the fate of companies like Intel and other such PC makers is tied to all this.

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  • esail

    what I want to know is when will the surface mini arrive.
    I am thinking of getting a Lenovo miix 2 instead.

    • Fahad Ali

      Yeah, if there’s one Microsoft product I’m waiting on, it’s the Surface Mini. Or whatever the company decides to call it.

      • esail

        I just hope that the surface mini comes with windows pro. I did hear that it might release in June, and that it will come with a windows phone/rt cross os.

  • Ray C

    I think these numbers are low but it will improve anyway with the Mni and more sales of the Dell Venue 8

    • Fahad Ali

      Agreed. One just has to give the platform more time. People had been waiting for Windows to appear on tablets for years now, and as the platform improves further, sales should come.

  • guru98

    1 key point is what you consider tablet.
    Large part of Windows8 devices are not tablet or hybrid devices

    • Fahad Ali

      Could quite possible be.

  • WillyThePooh

    No wonder Tim Cook was trying so hard to persuade Apple board to believe there is still a bright future for Apple. New killer products are coming!

    • Fahad Ali

      Apple will be there and thereabouts, it’s not going anywhere. It’s just that with increased (and sustained) competition like the one Microsoft is putting, everyone one will be cut down to their real size.

      Unless a company really delivers a killer innovation.