There are a lot of other areas where Microsoft can talk down the iPhone, but the company is focusing on Siri, as this new Cortana commercial demonstrates.

It’s all in good fun when technology companies poke fun at each other at every given opportunity. And Redmond has been airing a few television commercials around the globe that put Cortana against Siri.

The previous one pointed out the fact that the HTC One M8 for Windows came with two front speakers, while the iPhone 5S only offered one on the bottom.

And then there were these odd little clips that took indirect jibes at Siri.

This time around, the topic at hand is about remembering your preferences, and as has been the case on all occasions before Cortana comes out on top by a country mile. The ad is titled “Siri vs. Cortana – Groundhog Day”, by the way.

Watch the video below:

As the ad showcases, Cortana actually gets to know you and learns your interests over time, remembering your favorite people, topics, restaurants, appointments and more. She can even help you get there on time with proactive traffic alerts.

Commercials like these will not have an impact on people that have already decided to purchase an iPhone, but they are bound to help people that are still trying to decide their mobile platform.

Not to mention that they are a whole lot of fun.

Keep them coming, Microsoft.

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  • Mike Greenway

    Harmless fun.

  • CaptainJack

    Microsoft has been relentless at pointing out Siri’s flaws! And I love it! Long overdue in my opinion. Someone needs to set the record straight.

    • Nemo

      Siri is definitely overrated, but I don’t think Microsoft should step in here. Let Cortana stand on it’s own merit.