Microsoft talk about Windows 8 and hardware acceleration

Microsoft have updated the Windows 8 development blog with a post about hardware acceleration.

With Windows 8, Microsoft have set out to enable all applications to have beautiful and high-performance graphics enabled by modern graphics hardware.  Whereas previously, DirectX mainly provided 3-D graphics, Microsoft have added functionality for so called “mainstream” graphics.

Mainstream uses center on the typical desktop applications most people find themselves using every day, including web browsers, email, calendars, and productivity applications. Windows 7 added two new components to DirectX: Direct2D for two-dimensional graphics (shapes, bitmaps, etc.) and DirectWrite for handling text. Both of these additions not only focused on performance but also on delivering high-quality 2-D rendering. With these additions, DirectX became a hardware-accelerated graphics platform for all types of applications.

WinRT brings these capabilities to the full range of new Windows 8 applications.

In this post, authored by Rob Copeland the group program manager on the Windows 8 Graphics team, Microsoft takes a look at the details behind the scenes in enabling this new class of graphical application.

Read the post here.

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