During the opening keynote address of this year’s BUILD conference, Microsoft announced that Windows 8.1 will come with native 3D printing support built in.

This is one technology that the company believes will gain increased momentum in the coming months.

And Redmond wants to make creating a 3D object on a computer as easy as writing a document in Word and send it to print. For this to happen, however, its latest operating system has to make everything simple and unsophisticated.

In a blog post detailing the 3D printing with Windows, the company explained:

“This includes all of the things you’d expect from Windows: plug-n-play support for printers, enabling apps to seamlessly submit 3D print jobs, understanding 3D file formats, and connecting lots of apps with lots of hardware to deliver an end-to-end solution for customers. We want this to be so simple that anyone can set up their own table-top factory.”

Considering just how much of a market share the Windows operating system commands the world over, this streamlined support for the technology will only help it gain wider acceptance quicker.

Princes of 3D printers are expected to drop significantly in the near future. And Microsoft notes that such a feature is likely to appeal to an increasing number of customers in the next few years.

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