Microsoft Talks About How It Created A New Font For IE11 Reading View

Internet Explorer 11 has gained some solid traction in recent months, and is currently the best option for touch users that want to browse the web securely and efficiently.

The latest version of Microsoft’s browser launched alongside Windows 8.1 last year, and came with a fresh new feature dubbed the Reading View that makes text content on a webpage easier to read. Nothing overly revolutionary, but it does come in handy.

And in a new blog post, the company details how this feature works in IE11.

Basically when a user switches to Reading View (on certain, supported websites), the browser transforms the text into a custom new font designed just for Windows 8.1 — called Sitka.

Microsoft says that it designed this typeface family based on input from scientific legibility studies, and the font uses different styles depending on sizes and uses. For example Sitka Small is used for image captions, Sitka Text for the main article, and Sitka Heading for titles.

The company also goes over how it approached page layouts to make it easier for a user to read in the Reading View, particularly if an article stretches across multiple pages.

Microsoft also goes over specific code that web designers can use to make their pages look their best in Reading View. It is an informative read, and goes over this useful new feature in elaborate detail, so hit up the link above if you are in the mood.