Microsoft Talks Surface For Business, Reveals New Accessories

Microsoft Talks Surface For Business, Reveals New Accessories

Perhaps the most notable advantage of buying hardware from established technology companies like Microsoft is the fact that one can be sure that ecosystem will keep on expanding and growing.

It was only last week we learned that 11,000 Delta Airlines pilots will be using the Surface 2 tablet, and according to Microsoft, the switch from the 38 pound flight notebook to the 1.5 pound slate will save the airline $13 million a year in fuel and related costs.

But that is only the tip of this very large and very detailed blog post where the company talks about Surface for business and enterprises, along with information on a bunch of new accessories.

Microsoft also talked about several other companies that have bought large amount of Surface tablets. These include financial organizations like the Hokkoku Bank in Japan that purchased 2,000 original Surface Pros recently.

And educational institutes are not far behind. The London School of Business and Finance, for example, acquired nearly 10,000 Surface RT tablets for their second year students.

Redmond also shared some information on upcoming third-party accessories for the tablets.

AmourActive, for instance, is providing fixed and mobile point-of-sale accessories for the Surface family. Maroo is another company that plans to offer leather cases and stands.

Anthro is preparing Surface tablet charging carts for businesses and enterprises that buy a lot of Surface products and have the need to charge many of them at once.

The technology titan also confirmed that, starting tomorrow, October 1, Surface tablets are set to be officially available via commercial resellers in Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.

This little expansion brings the number of markets where the tablets are available via resellers to 29, and this bodes well for future when the second generation slates will be available in these countries.

  • WillyThePooh

    It make sense for companies to use surface RT as BYOD as long as it can connect to their servers. Why? Surface RT will not able to take x86 viruses. Those viruses that will infect RT will not able to infect the intranet as the servers are not running RT. And RT has MS Office that is suitable for general office duties. And also the price is cheap too.