Redmond has really done wonders for the Lock Screen in Windows Phone 8.1, but Microsoft Tetra Lockscreen app aims to take the experience to another level entirely.

And boy, does it succeed.

This application is developed by the company’s Garage division, which is a special team at Redmond that encourages employees to develop their own projects for the company’s platforms, including Windows and Windows Phone.

Basically, this new app brings widgets to your smartphone Lock Screen, further improving the look of this heavily used feature in Windows Phone 8.1.

It only works on Windows Phone 8.1, as you might imagine.

But you get access to several widgets that can change the look of your Lock Screen, while at the same time making it more useful and helpful. For example, they can show your upcoming calendar events, provide access to a stopwatch, or display activity and burned calories.

Each widget comes with its own configuration setting, and you can choose which widget to display on the screen. The app also provides options to change the Lock Screen background.

For a debut applications, this one is excellent, with a remarkable level of polish.

But a few more features and options are sure to make this downright amazing. Automatic Bing wallpapers integration, for example? Maybe some weather details? In due time, I guess.

You can take it for a spin here from the Windows Phone Store.

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