Microsoft To Announce Biggest Ever Job Cuts This Week

Microsoft To Announce Biggest Ever Job Cuts This Week

Milk and honey! The fact that Microsoft is set to announce some job cuts this month is no secret, with many reliable sources hinting at this in the past few days.

These layoffs follow the Nokia acquisition that was completed earlier this year.

As a result of this takeover, the software titan now has a total of 127,104 employees — 25,000 of which joined the company after Nokia’s devices and services unit merged with Microsoft’s mobile division. With a very evident overlap, Redmond is now about to take some tough steps.

According to this Bloomberg report, the company is preparing huge layoffs, and if all goes according to plan, a public announcement on this is expected this week.

Who will be affected?

People in areas like Nokia and a few Microsoft divisions that overlap with that business, some in marketing and engineering, even software testers.

The report further notes that this new layoff could be the biggest in the company’s history, topping the job cut announced in 2009 that saw no less than 5,800 employees parting ways with the company.

Satya Nadella briefly alluded to this in his letter last week, and with each passing day, the layoffs now seem like they are only a matter of time.

  • Ray C

    Does Microsoft truly need all the employees it has? Is it possible that the company is simply way too big?

    • Leroy26

      That’s a good question. It makes sense to lay off employees after the acquisition, but I wonder how the number of employees at Microsoft compares to the number of employees at Apple or Google. I’d love to see a comparison.