Microsoft To Announce Its Biggest Ever Job Cut Today

Sources close to the matter claimed that Microsoft would be announcing biggest ever job cut sometime this week, and according to a new report, this could happen today.

This report has Reuters citing insiders that CEO Satya Nadella is planning to release a public announcement on the proposed job cuts on Thursday morning — and understandably, most of the layoffs are from the Nokia unit that the company very recently acquired.

Previous rumors have hinted that this could be the biggest ever job cut announced by Redmond, topping the one in 2009 when Steve Ballmer fired 5,800 employees.

Or, in other words, some 6% of the total workforce.

The software giant already said that it planned on to cutting costs within the first 18 months following the Nokia acquisition — in moves that could potentially result in savings of $600 million per year.

As of this writing, there are 127,104 Microsoft employees in total, nearly 25,000 of which came from Nokia after the $7.2 billion sale of its devices and services unit was completed in April.

Nothing official from Microsoft on this yet, but an announcement from Nadella could be with us soon, provided this report holds true.

  • Steve Fulton

    Wait and see for me before I fully judge this. I understand needing to cut back after the acquisition, but if they lay off too many people, it may hurt Microsoft in the coming years.

  • Ray C

    Microsoft has allowed themselves to become too large over the years. I hope they gave them a nice package