Windows RT is the ray of hope for Microsoft to lead the Tablet market. But before that can happen, hardware vendors will have to pay a hefty sum to get Windows RT, according to a new report.


Tech site VR-Zone reported yesterday that it recently spoke with several tablet vendors at COMPUTEX.

In the discussions vendors hinted that Microsoft could charge them between $80 to $95 to get their hands on Windows RT.  If this news is correct, then Windows RT tablets will cost above $500 which will be costlier than many android tablets available in the market.

I think that in order to lead the Tablet market, Microsoft will have to lower their charges for the vendors so that they can can come up with some cheap tablets which could provide a threat to Android tablets out there.

What do you think?

Are Microsoft charging much more than they should?

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  • xinu

    ouch. Once again Microsoft’s greed will cost the consumer. Microsoft should focus more on charging people for actual services they use and not charge for the OS. Its all about services now Microsoft catch up!

    (Just to stir up conversation, for all those apple haters, my next OS X upgrade to mountain lion will cost me *cough* $19.99* for all my macs XD. Muahahahahahahahahahahha…..)

    • Yada Yada Yada

      I like how you easily skirted the massively high cost OF those Macs in the first place.  OS X should be free after charging you what they did for the hardware.

      • xinu

        Perhaps, but keeping a mac updated in the long term is cheaper. For instance you buy $1000 on a top of the line pc, then paying another $300 to upgrade windows seems very expensive (30% of the initial price), unlike paying $20 for all your home computers which is a mere 0.02% of the initial price. 

        As I said before, cost is relative. Whats expensive to you, might not be expensive to someone else. For me, the money was worth it.

        • Ezekiel Carsella

          you mean *cough burp* $14.95 for Windows 8 PRO?? 

          • xinu

            + the cost of a new PC.

            OK, lets keep the conversation about windows.

          • Ezekiel Carsella

            MAC’s are way expensive just saying

          • xinu

            @Ezekiel Carsella, ok this will be my last response to this thread, lets keep the comments relevant to the article.

            “MAC’s are way expensive just saying”, as said before. Cost is relative, whats expensive to you, may not be expensive to someone else. Some people spend $100 on a pair of shoes, which I find expensive, but they do not. Macs have a premium price tag, but they are premium products. You would struggle to find a PC with such great design and quality of finish, intact many PC manufacturers are trying to copy the mac design.

          • Ezekiel Carsella

            okay but i will say the Windows RT price could come down to promote the price and encourage profit. Apple does not have to make OEM’s pay that premium because they do it all.

          • Qqq

             Hmm I just spent £85 to upgrade my Linux box – will last another 4 or 5 years

            EVERYTHING else is expensive…

          • Ezekiel Carsella

            Linux can be considered the best OS because it is easy to use and the safest out there

        • zulu

          what a joke. home premium is something like 120$.
          “and 20$”?
          another joke , they are not actually a new OS , they are just something like service pack(which is free in windows) and in order to have the newest you have to have the older ones which will cost you a lot !

  • Mark

    Got to agree – it’s too much.
    Profit is not a ‘dirty word’ and all good businesses can’t survive without it. But there are different strategies to get where you want to be; and I would have thought that penetrating the market would be Microsoft’s first priority. For this to happen, everyone has to win. I’m really looking forward to W8, but will be so dissapointed if MS are unreasonable with OEM’s and not allow THEM to make a reasonable profit by making their licences too high 🙁

    • Ezekiel Carsella

      good point. if you want to make money charge less for it to sell more. thats what they did with the Kindle fire and it worked out pretty good.

  • Rex

    I am really wondering what MS is thinking if this is the price they are charging.  For these to take off, they need to be as cheap as possible, where margins for the OEM are razor thin to begin with.   With MS taking 20 to 25% off the top is not good.  If these are $50 dollars less than a iPad, or a tablet with an Atom processor is only marginally more expensive, no one will buy a Windows RT machine.  I know I wont, and I wouldnt mind having one. Selling a lot for $40 dollars a pop will make MS a lot more money than none at $80 a pop.  I really hope MS knows what they are doing.  They can always raise prices on the next version if they do well.  But these arent phones, they wont get a second chance to mess up.