The company may be going through a legal tangle in the country, but Microsoft still wants to focus on the hardware market in China, and launch new PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Joe Belfiore, the head of Windows Phone business has outlined this strategy in a post on his Weibo account that Redmond is ready to form a new team that will create these new hardware devices, exclusively for the Chinese market:

“The work we’ve done with our Bing team on Cortana is quite specific to China… and in fact, we are forming a Beijing-based team within my group to focus on China-specific work for PCs, Phones and Tablets. Lots of good stuff to come!”

You can feel the excitement.

At the same time, he also explained that Microsoft will continue investing in the local mobile market, in order to popularize Windows Phone in China. Several new devices are on track to be launched in the country, in the next few months:

“We’ve felt it’s been important to get some basics in place (Dual SIM, TD-LTE, WRD program to make it easy for Chinese OEMs to build WP) before ramping China-specific investments—but you’ll see a bunch more of that soon.”

The company definitely wants to compete with Android in the local market here, so expect all these devices to be rather affordable. A number of budget tablets have already been unveiled.

A bunch more are expected soon.

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  • Ray C

    People in the U.S are full of themselves and have fanboyism on the brain. Microsoft needs to go after whatever other markets are in the top 10 when it comes to mobile devices, and go at them hard.

  • Sally Black

    Not shocking to me at least. Despite all the legal troubles and government pushback, China is still going to be viewed as a profitable and huge market for Microsoft, so they’re obviously going to try and do business there. Makes sense to me!