This is a big one! The winds were blowing this way, and now we have evidence that Microsoft is ready to drop the Nokia and Windows Phone brands on mobile devices.

Lumia, however, is a name that you’ll be hearing a lot from now on.

This leaked internal document reveals that Redmond is keen on reducing the usage of the Window Phone name and logo in marketing. Instead the company plans to introduce the standard Windows logo in its place, a practice that several partners and market research firms do.

A Windows phone, not a Windows Phone smartphone, the point being.

The document confirms that Redmond plans to remove the Nokia references from promotional material this holiday season, and it also shows the new Lumia wordmark, set in Microsoft’s corporate ‘Segoe’ font. Take a look:


The Microsoft Mobile branding will also be present, but in a limited capacity, on the side.

More specifically, this move ties into Microsoft’s consolidation of their two Windows on ARM platforms, namely Windows Phone and Windows RT. The merger, codenamed Windows Threshold, is set to launch next year, by all counts.

Plus, a move like this also adds fuel to the idea that there will be one Windows for all your devices, and Microsoft will be free to use taglines like ‘Windows for your phone’ and ‘Windows on your tablet’, with much more freedom.

A move like this had been on the cards since summer, actually.

There was talk that Lumia smartphones from Microsoft would be losing the Nokia branding soon, and some even suggested that the company was planning to replace the Surface brand with Lumia.

Although still unconfirmed, the change in branding not only makes sense, but should go a long way in clearing up confusion amongst vendors and buyers. Besides, it will make marketing much simple from now on, which is another plus.

Your thoughts on this important change? File them below.

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