Back in September, Microsoft announced it had hired the previous president of CBS Television Studios, Nancy Tellem. The idea here was that she would be used to develop interactive content for the Xbox and other devices for Microsoft. It seems this trend is continuing, as Microsoft in London is also looking to hire someone familiar with TV production.

The job listing was posted on LinkedIn and would be about creating a “new line of interactive television experiences to the world”.

The listing also says that the applicant must have worked on at least a few known TV ips. So what’s going on here? It’s all about Microsoft’s push to expand its multimedia efforts. With all of Microsoft’s efforts going with a similar “metro” look, we’ve seen a type of unification at Microsoft that is clearly about creating a future where all Microsoft’s devices play together nicely, but it doesn’t end there.

Microsoft wants to be there at every level. In your living room with Xbox, out and about with your tablet, and in your business and everyday life with the PC and Windows 8/RT. Microsoft also wants to create an interactive multimedia experience that rivals just about anything out there right now, and that probably includes cable and satellite programming as well.

I personally expect big changes from Microsoft in the next few years, and these job positions are just a small piece of the puzzle that is coming together. I expect an even clearer vision of the future will be seen in 2013, when the next Xbox is believed to make an official appearance.

For those that don’t know, rumors continue to suggest that there will be at least two SKUs of the Xbox 720, and maybe even a gaming tablet. One will have multimedia and hardcore gaming, the other will be all about multimedia, entertainment and perhaps some lighter Xbox Live gaming with no physical discs present. Both are said to run on Windows technology to some extent.

There is even a new rumor that claims the Xbox is going to run at just 1.6GHz, which seems to point at the rumored ARM-based multimedia Xbox 720 box, not the gaming monster that everyone expects. The future is almost here, and I’m really curious where Microsoft takes us in the next few years.

What do you think of Microsoft’s recent multimedia efforts, especially with its Xbox brand?

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