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Microsoft has just announced that the Surface Pro will go on sale in Japan on June 7, and perhaps unsurprisingly, the localized version of the tablet comes with a couple of interesting changes.

The most evident of which is that the technology titan has decided to drop the 64GB unit in Japan, and instead launch a higher capacity variant — the 256GB of storage space makes it the highest capacity Surface Pro model that is available.

A report over at LiveSide.net states that the 128GB variant of the tablet will be priced at ¥99,800 ($975), while the 256GB version is set to retail at ¥119,800 ($1,170).

Microsoft will also launch a bunch of special edition Surface Touch covers for the Japanese market — think some really cool and colorful designs.

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Impressively, however, both tablets will come with the full version of Office 2013 Home & Business, though other specifications are similar to the international version of the Surface Pro that is sold in most countries around the world.

This actually provides us a glimpse at Microsoft’s Surface Pro strategy for the future. The technology titan could well get rid of the 64GB model for the second generation of its premium tablet.

And with a Haswell chip inside to power all sorts of computing goodness, including improved gaming performance, a 256GB SSD makes all sorts of sense — particularly with prices of these drives steadily coming down.

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