It is remarkable to think that Windows 8 is more than just another operating system. For Microsoft at least, it has been a brand new platform, from day one, to build upon.

Almost everything in the new OS is there for a reason and Redmond seemingly has a ton of exciting plans for several elements of Windows 8. Take the built-in Xbox Music app for instance. This particular app is set to be completely redesigned in Windows 8.1.

And now The Verge writes that Microsoft is working to introduce a music streaming service (similar to Spotify) that could be accessed directly from a web browser. The web-based service would let users both stream music and manage their playlists using a browser.

Insider sources hint that an early version of the service could be launched as soon as next week.

Microsoft has not yet commented on the possibility of launching a web based version of Xbox Music, but as noted above, the software titan will roll out a major overhaul of the app together with Windows 8.1.

For now, however, a new interface for the app is all but confirmed, along with new options and improved search support. We may find more about Microsoft’s plans for Xbox Music soon after public launch of the preview version of Windows 8.1 today.

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