The always reliable Mary Jo Foley has jumped in to save the day! Anticipation has been building up (pun intended) on what Microsoft will reveal about Windows 9 when the BUILD 2014 developer conference kicks off on April 2 in San Francisco.

We have been hearing for months on now that the first official news bits on the next full version of Microsoft’s flagship operating system are to be revealed at this event.

And now the regular Microsoft watcher is reporting that the company will not be disclosing the full feature lineup of Windows 9 at the event — instead the software titan only plans to focus on a new SKU, which is short for stock-keeping unit, obviously.

So the word is that this new version of Windows 9 is being designed to work on Windows Phones, ARM-based Windows tablets/PCs, phablets and other such devices.

Long story short, the company wants to continue its emphasis on the non-PC market.

Additionally, it is being reported that this new SKU for Windows 9 might not include a desktop at all. The company wants to go all in with the Start Screen, and users will not be able to run traditional software programs on these devices. But this is understandable here.

File these as unconfirmed reports for now, but all will be revealed tomorrow.

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  1. I’m excited we’re going to get any information at all regarding Windows 9! It sounds as though they want to perfect the system through phones and tablets and to make sure that technology keeps up with the competition, which is much greater in the phone and tablet industry right now.

  2. What exactly does stock keeping unit mean? More specifically, what should we expect to hear on Windows 9 at Build?

  3. Microsoft has good control on the PC market. I agree with this decision. They need to attack the phone and tablet market more right now to gain ground. They don’t have as much urgency in computer market. Smart call.

    • Jake, you’re dead on in my opinion. PCs are established and well known. The tablets and phones are less notable than the iphone, ipad, and droids at this point. The logical thing is to become more well rounded.

  4. If we hear anything about Windows 9 at build, I’ll consider it a success. I just hope they follow through and release some details on what we can/should expect. Fingers crossed!

  5. Bill Franklin / April 1, 2014 at 5:32 pm /Reply

    No desktop at all? I wonder how that will go over if tis comes to fruition at Build in the coming days. Seems a bit extreme to not be able to run traditional software on it.

  6. Whether we hear about 9 or not, I just can’t wait to hear the news we are going to get from Build tomorrow. No doubt it’s going to be full or awesome stuff.

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