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End of the line, shorty! Microsoft is all set to retire Old Skype for Windows 10 versions and has asked users to upgrade or lose their Skype conversations.

The cutoff date?

May 25.

Apparently, the company has started emailing users about this change, requesting them to make the move to the most recent version of the app to avoid losing their data. That’s because installing the latest version after the deadline could force these users to start from scratch.

This is what the company says in an email:

“We noticed you are using a version of Skype for Windows 10 that will no longer work after May 25, 2018. Older conversation history may be impacted during the upgrade. If you need help backing up your chat contact us. Not able to upgrade? Tell us more.”

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Tell us more, indeed.

Basically, this is a change brought about by the new GDPR rules that are coming into effect in the European Union. Microsoft is, undoubtedly, making these changes in order to comply with these privacy regulations.

As GDPR is aimed at regulating the way technology companies handle user data.

If you are rocking Windows 10, and an out of date version of Skype, then be sure to upgrade your communication client by checking for updates on the Microsoft Store.

The process is automatically performed.

Additionally, the desktop version of Skype is always there, if you’d rather go that route.

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