The word Messenger has a new meaning! Microsoft’s Messenger service has been discontinued completely now, as the company focuses its communication efforts on the Skype platform.

The final milestone was reached late last month when Redmond announced that the MSN Messenger service in China will be shut down come October 31. Sure, Facebook itself said goodbye to its Messenger service on the Windows platform not too long ago.

But that has not stopped Microsoft from giving the @Messenger twitter account to the social network. The software titan is no longer working on improvements to the service, and it only makes sense:

This is what the company said in a tweet:

“Now that messenger is part of @Skype, on Sept 30th, the @Messenger twitter account will transition @Facebook. Thank you all for your support.”

Sure does bring back memories seeing Windows Live Messenger icon and logo on that page!

The original Messenger services was retired April 30 last year, and since the software titan has moved all users to the Skype VoIP platform. The transition for the most part has gone smooth, but users have still been clamoring for the features that MSN Messenger provided.

Things like winks, custom sounds and the cornucopia of emoticons.

No idea when (or if) they will be added to Skype, but that’s modern technology for you — not every classic element makes the cut to a modern product. Be interesting what Facebook decides to do with this vintage Twitter account.

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  • WillyThePooh

    Don’t really know why MS bought skype as only couple of my friends are skype users. Most are either using whatsapp or viber.

    • JF

      Lots of people use Skype. Your friends are in the minority.

  • CaptainJack

    IT’s time. Windows Messenger was never great. I believe that Skype is a much better choice in the long run.