Maybe it is because of Apple’s early lead in the mobile arena, the company’s meticulous design guidelines, or the intense competition, but iOS developers are one of the most talented groups of mobile developers around.

Other mobile platforms have their fair share of coding talent, but Microsoft seems to be fully aware of the potential advantage of luring iOS developers to code for its fledging new platform.

Redmond has put up special discount Windows 8 bundles (with a free copy of Parallels Desktop) earlier this year that were instantly solid out. And now with the looming release of Windows 8.1, the technology titan is once again trying to reach out to iOS developers.

In a new blog post, the Windows Dev Center team wrote:

“For those of you currently developing apps for iOS, we’ve been adding lots of content to the Windows Store apps Dev Center.

We’d like to help you get started building Windows Store apps, so we updated the section on Resources for iOS devs with lots of new info and sample code. We know you feel comfortable with Xcode and UIViewControllers, and we want you to feel just as comfortable with Visual Studio and XAML.”

With the release of the Windows 8.1 Preview, Microsoft released a bunch of new developer resources to help build fresh software for its products. Most of these resources are aimed at building Windows 8.1 applications a more appealing process for those that are currently developing apps for iOS.

The company has also updated the information on how developers can get Windows up and running on a Mac computers (hear, hear) while also urging them to take the new, freely available Windows 8.1 Preview a try.

A strong app ecosystem for an operating system is the downright best way to tempt users to adopt the platform, and with steps like these Microsoft is clearly working hard to ensure that this happens once Windows 8.1 is out in the wild.

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