Windows 8 is continuing to grow its Windows Store at a pretty impressive rate. We are currently at over 15,000 apps last I personally checked. While this pales in comparison to iOS and Android, it’s still a very good start. The big question is what can Microsoft do to continue this growth even further?

Part of the solution will be to reach out to as many developers as they possibly can, which is exactly what the new Windows Store App Labs are all about.

The new effort is part of a partnership with San Francisco-based technology startup, RocketSpace. There will be 30 Windows Store App Labs around the globe, each designed to to provide four-hour sessions that help show what Windows 8 is, how easy it is to develop for and much more.

Basically, this is a way of showing what Windows 8 can do for you as an app developer. At their kick off event, they brought in app partners like Flixster and Wikipedia, both of which highlighted that they were able to build apps in just a matter of a week or so.

Where will you find the locations? There is a location list but some of the other places include New York, Toronto, London, Paris, Berlin, Shanghai and Bangalore. Microsoft needs to do its best to bring in top developers, and this is a great start.

Any developers reading this? Are you planning to create app for Windows 8? If so what about Windows 8 do you find appealing?

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