The Surface Pro is almost upon us, and these next few days leading up to the official release date are sure to be filled with discussions about Microsoft’s luxury slate.

But one thing the company is not ruling out is a smaller Surface tablet in the future.

There have been rumors aplenty ever since the release of Surface RT (the first branded tablet from Redmond) that the company was planning to add more members to the Surface family — particularly with a platform like Windows RT out and making its mark in the wild.

Talking to ZDNet, Tami Reller, the chief financial officer and chief marketing officer of the Windows division, along with Aidan Marcuss, the principal director Windows Research both suggested that a smaller tablet may well be released at some point.

But more importantly the company first needed to see what the customers want.

Marcuss further went on to emphasize the fact that Windows 8 was built form the grounds up to run on any sized screen, large and small. Meaning bringing the operating system to a 7-inch tablet was completely practical.

Now, one question that arises, if a project like this were to become a reality, is which version of Windows will power a smaller Surface tablet?

Windows RT seems like the most logical candidate, particularly when you consider not everyone would be open to the full version of Windows in such a small form factor.

Another question that arises here is of the pricing of such a device. Will Microsoft go and match the Kindle Fires and Google Nexuses head on at $200, or duke it out with the iPad Mini in the premium section of the market.

Either way, things will become real interesting, if this year sees the expansion of the Surface family of tablets, particularly in a variety of form factors.

What do you guys think of this? Are you game for a smaller Surface slate?

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  • Misterbear Fapp

    A 7 inch tablet is the only way I’d ever buy a Surface RT again.

  • Joseph Harry Ariola

    I’d love to have one.

  • WillyThePooh

    I don’t want to spend $329 for iPad mini and so I won’t get the 7″ surface RT if it is also $329. Better to have html port and USB port and micro SD card slot.