It’s not often you hear the word vying in technology, but that is exactly what Microsoft and Yahoo! are up for right now, at least as far as the search engine domain is concerned.

With Apple’s deal with Google for the default search position on iOS expiring next year, the company is said to be soliciting bids from the big players to see who is willing to shell out the most cash for this illustrious position.

The big players being Microsoft and Yahoo!, of course.

According to this report, Apple wants to dump Google as the default engine on its products. Android being the strongest competitor to the iOS platform, is owned by Google, and the Cupertino based company does not want to add to the bottom line of its biggest competitor.

Microsoft and Apple do enjoy a rather close collaboration, particularly in the realm of web searches. Bing is the default option on both Siri and OS X.

Then again, Bing also powers the Yahoo! search engine, but in deals like this, it’s all about advertising impressions that come with being the default provider on millions upon millions of Apple devices.

Sure, users can simply change their search providers if they want.

But the search market could be up for a little upheaval next year, the way things are shaping up.

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