The latest version of Internet Explorer, IE11, comes with a whole bunch of new technologies and enhancements that Redmond claims make it the fastest and most secure version of its flagship web browser to date.

In fact, the software titan has been talking about the features of its new browsers ever since it was first announced, regularly highlighting the improvements its engineers have made.

This latest blog post on the subject is all about speed — sheer speed.

Microsoft explains how Internet Explorer 11 makes browsing fast, even with network latency. It all comes down to improving page loading times by integrating a number of technologies.

Stuff like page prediction, preloading and prefetching (some of these have been highlighted earlier) all combine to give the browser, what Microsoft calls a head start in downloading and rendering either the next page or resources for the next page:

“Network latency is a problem that holds back Web performance, even though we enjoy more bandwidth now than ever before.

IE11 reduces the effects of network latency by downloading and preloading pages and Web resources in the background, downloading multiple resources in parallel using the SPDY/3 protocol, and prioritizing downloads of the most important resources on the page.”

But these displays of speeds are not just limited to online activities. The new browser, Microsoft says, is also very friendly with system resources without draining battery life, ensuring an optimum experience.

All these factors, the software titan states, make IE11 the absolute best choice for tablets.

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  • Mike Greenway

    I’m a believer.

  • Ray C

    I really like IE11. The only reason I used other browsers is I have a lot of tabs open, and I don’t want them all in one browser or one icon on the task bar