And, we have another rename! Microsoft Wallet may have been the name of the credit card manager in Windows 98, but the company evolved it into the Wallet app for Windows Phone 8.

It regained its full name in Windows 10 Mobile.

But now, the software titan is, once again, changing the name of the app. Out goes Microsoft Wallet, and in comes Microsoft Pay. Rest of the functionality remains the same, including support for the Payment Request API that the company introduced in the Creators Update.

As noted, the Edge web browser is still at the center here.

Microsoft Pay

The rebrand of the service has the minimum installation requirement of build 16299 or version 1709, which is more commonly known as the Fall Creators Update. And the sad thing here is that since the mobile OS never reached this build, it does not work on Windows 10 Mobile.

Other than that, Microsoft Pay still restricts things to Microsoft Edge, and websites that support the Payment Request API that this app uses.

Additionally, just like its predecessor, the Tap to Pay functionality is restricted to the US market at this time. Goes without saying that the usage of this feature is very much limited to a select group of users, but one can only hope that things pick up from here now that the rebrand is in place.

What about you guys? Have you used Microsoft Wallet to make purchases and buy things online?

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