Ah, trial versions. One of the most important elements of commercial software, and one that played a large role in making paid applications popular, at least on the Windows platform, is the introduction of trial versions of programs.

And Microsoft wants to foster this philosophy for the Metro apps in the Windows Store.

The technology titan has done a pretty good job in convincing users to embrace its new platform with several events both in the United States and overseas. And now it is encouraging developers to roll out trial versions of their apps — as this is pretty much the easiest way to boost the download numbers.

The principal lead program manager on the Windows Store team, Arik Cohen, talked about this during the BUILD developer conference. He was quoted as saying by PC Pro:

“Trials matter. We added trial support for Windows 8 apps. An app that has trials, compared to an app that doesn’t have trials, has 12 times the downloads.”

A twelve-fold increase in number of overall downloads is inspiringly amazing!

The Windows Store is playing a very key role in the long-term strategy of the company, and Microsoft is keen to urge developers large and small to code for the platform. And the efforts do indeed seem to be paying off as was evident during the 2013 edition of BUILD.

Facebook, for example, is one of the big names that are set for arrival on the Windows Store. As are official Foursquare OpenTablet, RockmeIt, and Rhapsody apps.

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