If you had second thoughts about just how important OneNote has become for Microsoft, consider this. A leaked document shows that the company encourages hardware vendors to bundle the app.

With Windows 8.1 Update 1, no less.

And although this is not something Redmond is doing by default, it is pushing OEMs to include OneNote with the update, which by the way is being officially referred to as Windows 8.1 Update GDR. And here I thought the days of GDR were done and dusted.

Anyway, this report provides us a look at the document:


OneNote for Mac was recently released, and it has charted good success on the Mac Store. But it now appears that the software titan is ready to push this software as a core offering on Windows too.

And who knows, Microsoft might even bundle it the final version of Windows 8.1 Update 1 by default when it starts shipping the new version — quite similar to how Skype was made the default messaging app in Windows 8.1.

Obviously, not every hardware maker will do this, but there is a fair chance that we might see the OneNote tile on many machines running the newest version of the operating system.

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