The operating system, that is. Almost all cars have windows of some sorts. But Microsoft is now developing a completely new technology that brings its OS into vehicles.

This new flavor of the platform will give drivers control over a number of options and tools, straight from the infotainment system installed on the vehicle. The system looks to be completely optimized for touch (as it should be), and the company’s Metro design seems to be put to good use here.

Microsoft posted a video session from BUILD 2014 on Channel 9 that shows that this new system is still in development stage — in fact, the company calls this just a prototype for now.

But it still provides a look at the potential this concept holds.

Drivers will be able to connect their Windows powered devices (tablets, smartphones) to the infotainment system on vehicles using the Mirrorlink connectivity standard.

As this report over at The Verge states, Mirrorlink is already used by a number of car makers, including Honda, Volkswagen, Toyota and more, meaning Microsoft should have little trouble finding partners that could adapt this new technology.

Better yet, Nokia also stands behind Mirrorlink — Lumia devices using this connectivity option in the near future is pretty much a given, then.

Now, while the company has not provided nay details on when this feature will be ready, it did show off an early version in the video above. And one highlight of this new system is the integrated app store that enables drivers to download and install custom applications.

A few of these apps will be offered by default, including radio, maps, and managers to easily access stored content on smartphones and other mobile devices. Playing music files remotely? You got it, bud.

What we do need right now, however, is a name for this Windows In The Car technology.

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  1. Bill Franklin / April 7, 2014 at 1:03 pm /Reply

    Bringing this level of technology into cars has the potential to be extremely innovative. If they follow through on this, it could be huge for the brand and help people realize this is a cool and hip company.

  2. This could revolutionize car technology even further. Microsoft better not take this lightly, because it can be an outstanding addition to the company’s product line.

  3. If it looks anything like that screenshot, I have high hopes for this innovation. I really, really hope this happens soon. I’d love to connect my phone with the dashboard.

  4. These cars are going to be driving themselves soon and all we’ll have to worry about is the dashboard! I can’t wait for that day! 😛

  5. Looks fantastic! The one thing I hope it can do is warm up the car on a cold morning instantly! If it does that, I’ll be impressed! LOL 🙂

  6. I love the speed limit and school zone warnings. It seems like there are less and less speed limit signs nowadays. Nice feature for sure.

  7. These cars are going to have minds of their own soon. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but Jason’s comment is correct. It wont be too long until these cars can drive for us!

  8. Hope if the windows crashed will not cause accident.

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