It is no secret that Redmond is continuously looking at ways to open new Microsoft Stores not just across the length and breadth of the United States, but also at important overseas locations.

The expansion of its retail network is often cited to play a key role in the company’s long-term strategy.

And although Microsoft’s plans to open official stores in countries around the world is not entirely new, Kevin Turner, the company’s chief operating officer confirmed at the Worldwide Partners Conference 2013 on Wednesday a bit of an outline of the company’s retail plans.

Apparently, Microsoft wants to have as many as 101 stores by this time next year — all of them selling its latest products, from Windows 8.1 and latest versions of Office to the next generation Surface tablets and many more.

At this point in time, the technology titan is selling its products through a total of 75 stores, but this number is growing by the month.

Microsoft will soon open new locations in China, with the aim of making the most of the local market in the country. An expansion into the Old Continent is also said to be on the agenda, with word that the company could soon open a retail location in London, United Kingdom.

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