The software titan has started sending out emails to users, asking for their help in fighting email spam. If you ever wanted to become a spam fighter, now is your chance.

Enlist now!

Basically, the company wants users to block more spam messages, thereby increasing the efficiency of the filters in the web based email service. Microsoft says that hitting the “Report as spam” button helps in discovering junk email and preventing it from reaching inbox.

Inboxes, as in yours, and of other users too.

As the company puts it:

“Helping is easy–every once in a while we’ll simply re-send one of your email messages and ask you if it’s junk or not. One click and you’re done. This helps us fine-tune our junk email filters to better protect you and everyone else. The messages we send you are real messages that were addressed to you. We’ll only send you one message a day at most, and you can quit at any time.”

Essentially, Microsoft wants to improve the spam filters, and what better way to make them more potent than by doing a little outsourcing — the more spam messages are blocked, the better these filters get at blocking them for everyone.

Plus, clicking (or tapping) the report button only takes a second.

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  • CalvinQ

    Anyway I can stop spam from happening is good! I am all for this move. Thank you Microsoft!

  • WillyThePooh

    I can see some hackers will mimic this kind of emails and ask users to click the link.

    • Jake

      You’re right. Sadly, hackers will always be one step ahead. Because of that, there will always be some issues, but luckily it isn’t too bad.

      • Ray C

        The link isn’t inside the e-mail though. It’s a button on the mail client

  • Tobi Brook1

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