Redmond unveiled a handful of new details of the next version of Windows yesterday, and one confirmation that the software titan gave was that the upcoming operating system will come with a totally new search experience powered by Bing.

In short, the company is trying to bring together the online and offline worlds — meaning the built-in search option in Windows 8.1will allow users to look and find information virtually everywhere.

Derrick Connell, the corporate vice president of Bing shared more on this in a blog post:

“Windows 8.1 takes an even bigger step – with its new search experience, you can find your own personal stuff as well as content from the open web and the creativity of the millions of authors and developers. Modern search needs to be complete and help you find what you’re looking for, whether it’s on your PC, in your top apps, or on the web.”

Search in Windows 8.1 will support everything from local folders, PC settings and features, apps, SkyDrive account, email accounts, and, obviously, the web. The results will be displayed right on the Start Screen.

And even better — the new search option will provide suggestions as soon as users start typing in their query, thereby making it easier for consumers that are using Windows 8.1 on touch enabled devices to perform a search:

“As you type, you will see suggestions about what you might be looking for and a quick tap on any of the suggestions will expose you to a whole new way to use Windows. Regardless of where something lives and what it is – a document on your PC, your photo album in the cloud, an app, a website, a program – with just a tap, you can play, view, launch, browse, and more.

Modern search isn’t just about finding information. It’s about using your PC to do the things you love.”

The preview build of Windows 8.1 is on track to go live at the BUILD developer conference on June 26, while the final stable version of this new operating system is slated for general availability later this year.

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  1. Anderson Kurz / June 1, 2013 at 12:49 pm /Reply

    Hope they put the search in the win+f…

    In the leaked builds it was in win+q (because in W8 win+q was app search) and it was annoying using win+f to call the old serch

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