Fans of retro gaming rejoice! Microsoft has nailed a deal to bring no less than 500 vintage games to the Windows 8.1 platform, the first batch of which is expected to arrive on the Windows Store in just a few months.

The software titan announced this brand new agreement with video game publisher Amiga Games that will bring anywhere between fifty and five hundred titles, on both the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 platforms.

All these games will be completely compatible with Windows 8.1, Redmond says, and it will also promote them via and the spotlight section of the Windows Store. These will, obviously, appeal the most to the older generation that grew up with Amiga computers.

Eric Mitchell, CEO of Writers Group Film Corp had this to say:

“Microsoft has put a spotlight on mobile gaming and we are very pleased they chose Amiga Games to be a part of their mobile gaming experience. Windows 8 and Windows Phone are great platforms for AGI to showcase our best titles.”

Amiga Games also confirmed that the first 50 Windows 8 titles are on track to arrive on the Windows Store by the end of the year. The rest of the games should be released sometime next year.

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  • garak0410

    Awesome news…

  • Mike Greenway

    I had a lot of fun with Amiga computers (500, 1000 and a 2000) color monitor, WOW!

  • pirate78

    Great news! I am glad that Microsoft is taking us gamers seriously 🙂