Nokia shareholders approved the Microsoft acquisition deal earlier this week, and now attention is shifting towards other pressing matters. Like what to do with the company’s classic headquarters in Espoo, Finland.

The building has always held a special place in hearts and minds.

And it is now set to become a Microsoft site. The company plans to continue using it to house the 32,000 member stuff that will transfer as part of the deal.

Since the deal only includes the devices and services business of Nokia, the Finnish company will continue its business as a separate entity after moving to a new building, not very far away from the current headquarters. Nokia confirmed the move, saying:

“The vast majority of people in the building are working on Devices & Services related activities, so the building will become a Microsoft site. This is still targeted to be finalised in Q1 2014. People who will work for Nokia post-transaction will relocate to a building nearby that Nokia already owns.

This building is currently being renovated in Karaportti, this is a campus we have had for many years. Of course, all regulatory approval will have to be in place prior any personnel movement.”

Microsoft has also chipped in and announced that Finland will now become its phone research and development hub — after the $7.2 billion buyout is finalized, obviously. In other words, the technology titan does not plan on shifting people around the world.

This is what is proverbially known as a win-win situation for all parties involved.

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  • Rodney Longoria

    Sounds great, and very wise on Microsoft’s part.