During an interview, a Microsoft executive revealed  that the company was not planning to build their own Windows Phones, like they did with the Surface tablet.

This news will give a lot of relief to the hardware vendors as rumors were prevaling all over the net that Microsoft may also come up with their own Windows 8 phones.

If you remember hardware vendors were shocked and were not happy at all by Microsoft’s decision of launching their own Windows 8 tablet.

A few days ago, Acer’s senior VP and president for Europe openely critisied Microsoft’s decision of launching their own tablet.

If Microsoft would have done the same this time with Windows Phone 8, that would have led to a massive rebellion from many other hardware vendors.

Well after the Windows phone summit, Windows phone 8 has gained a lot of popularity. It will have a shared core with Windows 8.

It will also have three different tile size option for the start screen.

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