What would the world of Microsoft be without calendars? With the amount of product launches and platforms reaching end of support, it is best to keep one nearby.

Onto the platform of the moment, then.

Redmond unleashed the developer preview build of Windows Phone 8.1 in the middle of April, to allow developers (and fans) the ability to test the newest operating system, and provide feedback on features and any bugs they spotted.

And just today, the company has pretty much confirmed that official roll out begins June 24.

On the same support page, Microsoft have also settled that Windows Phone 8.1 will have a 36 month life cycle, just like its predecessor, Windows Phone 8.

This is what the company says about the timeframe for mainstream support:

“Microsoft will make updates available for the Operating System, including security updates, for a minimum of 36 months after the lifecycle start date. These updates will be incremental, with each update built on the update that preceded it.

Customers need to install each update in order to remain supported. The distribution of these incremental updates may be controlled by the mobile operator or the phone manufacturer from which you purchased your phone, and installation will require that your phone have any prior updates. Update availability will also vary by country, region, and hardware capabilities.”

A pretty comprehensive block of text that explains everything, even things we were already aware of.

There is every chance that Microsoft will announce an extended support timeframe for users (primarily companies and enterprises) that might not have plans to switch to a newer version of the operating system, pegged by most as Windows Phone 9.

For the time being, we do know that support for Windows Phone 8.1 ends July 11, 2017.

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  • Mike Greenway

    How long, on average, will a phone work before it kicks the bucket?

    • Bill Franklin

      In my experience, it’s been a little more than the 2 year windows that the contract’s last. I’m not sure if that’s an intentional wink wink between the hardware/software companies and the phone companies to keep making money, but that does seem to be the average time. With that in mind, this support should last long enough.

      • Mike Greenway

        Thanks Bill. Like you say, if MS’s coverage last as long as the hardware, were all good!

  • Ray C

    I think even in Enterprise, people will be willing to update phones and tablets more often, as long as old devices are compatible

  • Jake

    Is this standard? How long does support usually last? I would assume 36 moths is pretty good and normal.

  • Elaine1

    Hmm. I’ve never heard of this! Do they always announce these before the phone’s even released? I guess so, but I never knew that!