Microsoft: Windows 8 Gives You A Variety Of Choices To Fit Your Needs

Microsoft: Windows 8 Gives You A Variety Of Choices To Fit Your Needs

Redmond chalked out a pretty elaborate marketing plan for Windows 8, and even now the software titan continues advertising and promoting its newest operating system.

The only small change now is that the company has shifted its focus a bit — from end users to small and medium sized businesses. SMBs, obviously, represent a vitally important market from Microsoft, not just in terms of its operating system but also other business solutions.

In a new blog post, Microsoft detailed the success story of a construction intelligence supplier Glenigan, and also took the opportunity to talk about all the different ways Windows 8 caters to a wide variety of needs, particularly those of SMBs:

“Whether SMBs need a notebook, a tablet, or an all-in-one, whether touch-based or a keyboard-and-mouse system, Windows 8 offers a variety of choices to fit their needs. There is also great compatibility between Windows 7 and Windows 8, and this makes it easier to adopt Windows 8 with existing systems.”

The software titan also explained that this particular case study reveals how its newest OS can be a key business enabler:

“Glenigan’s case shows how technology can be a key business enabler. Whether it’s visiting a construction site, traveling to another city by train, or meeting with clients on the road, the devices just have to work. With Windows 8, Glenigan has discovered that they can have it all.”

Several Microsoft executive have recently shared their thoughts on just how easily adaptable Windows 8 as a platform is — while its roots are still firmly planted in the traditional desktop form factor, its integration with touch really opens it up to a myriad of new devices, including tablets.

The company further claims that everything is going according to plan, and the sales performance of Windows 8 is in line with the numbers Windows 7 pulled in its first few months on the market.

  • Jack Shofner


  • nchavo73

    I love the feel of windows 8 on tablets and laptops, and own a windows 8 laptop and desktop. I also own a windows phone. The windows phone is coming along nicely, but windows 8 doesn’t even have your basic apps, which is okay on a desktop, because you can just go to the webpage. I think my touch screen laptop was a waste of money and i would never by a surface, because you cannot do anything on it. Forget the start button…crank out apps. If we can’t get the apps on others devices at least make up some awesome windows only apps. As awesome as surface is, what can you use it for? Excel gets boring after awhile

    • nchavo73

      I am not trying to flame windows 8, i just keeping waiting for something to happen…and waiting, and waiting

  • saurya

    Waiting for opera browser on window’s phone 8 so desperately .

    • Muzkle

      You know when it comes?