Microsoft – Windows 8 is the new era for the PC plus

Well you can’t say Microsoft don’t believe in what they’re doing.

At the Worldwide Partner Conference earlier today, Microsoft’s chief operating officer, Kevin Turner told a crowd of the faithful the following:

“Apple makes great hardware, the reality is in the OS we see things differently.”

“We believe that Apple has it wrong,” says turner. “They’ve talked about it being the post-PC era, they talk about the tablet and PC being different, the reality in our world is that we think that’s completely incorrect.”

“We actually believe Windows 8 is the new era for the PC plus,” says Turner. “We believe with a single push of a button you can move seamlessly in and out of both worlds. We believe you can have touch, a pen, a mouse, and a keyboard.”

He also showed a brief slide of two quotes from former Apple CEO Steve Jobs and the current CEO Tim Cook.

This shows that Microsoft is really ready to fight the notion of the end of the PC. Windows 8 will be a comprehensive attempt by the company to reinvent the entire face of computing for a new generation.

Steve Ballmer called it the riskiest thing that the company has ever done. He was right.

Source: The Verge

  • Jeanie-Marie

    Talets and pcs ARE DIFFERANT and if you cant see this you have NO righ puting out OSs for them DA !!! Microsoft got there head in a dark spot and are trying to stick PC users with a tablet program. When is the last time you tryied multy-tasing your tablet or try running 2-24 inch and a 32 inch sreen on a tablet – tripple DA And what company in there right mind wants to run Mcky Mouse 8 on company computors. Move over New Wave Coke–Here comes MS 8…….Coke put out a Clasic….it will soon be MS turn

    • Rex

      You been drinking too much Apple Cool-aid. Up until now the only reason that have kept tablets and PCs seperate is power vs battery life. That diametric will not last forever. In fact you see it from both ends. ARM processors are getting more powerful and x86 chips getting better at sipping energy. MS was so good at it, they created a full OS that optimizes energy in a way Apple will have a hard time matching. And go on keep drinking that coolaid because maybe people like you will have Apple believing their own hype. Windows 8 actually works well in both touch and traditional mouse and keyboard modes (if you had really used it you would know that). Windows 8 isnt perfect, and there is a specific change that I hope they make before release. But it has nothing to do with either dumping Metro or restoring the start button.