Microsoft Windows Phone boss Charlie Kindel is leaving

Charlie Kindel the former General Manager of the Windows Phone Development Team is leaving the company after 21 years.

Kindel joined Microsoft in 1990 and worked in support.

He went on to work on Internet Explorer 3, Windows NT 4, Windows ME and Windows Phone 7.

Kindel announced his departure in an email to colleagues on Monday noting that he might stop using some Microsoft products after he quits the company on September 1.

“I may stop using some Microsoft products now that I’m out of here,” said Kindel. “But not Windows Phone. The BEST product Microsoft has ever built. Do not let up!”

Kindel is leaving to work on a new startup based in Bellevue. He joins a long list of veteran employees who have quit Microsoft recently.

Kindel’s full email to his Microsoft colleagues can be read here.

Is this important at this time? Not necessarily but it will be interesting to keep track of which executives leave Microsoft, when and why?

A lot of changes coming down the pipe so stay tuned…