They won’t budge. They know it’s unpopular but they are going to do it anyway.

Rafael Rivera has said that he verified that users cannot boot straight to the Desktop in Windows 8.

With Windows 8 previews and previous beta builds, users could create shortcuts that went directly to the Windows 8 Desktop. Those shortcuts could then be activated immediately after a user logged in and this would effectively bypass Metro immediately.

Mr. Rivera also believes that Group Policy to allow users to circumvent the Metro startup screen has been blocked as well.

I am baffled by this decision because it is IMPOSSIBLE to make this stick. The first rule of software is that almost anything is programmatically possible.

We already have Stardock’s Start8 program which is said to work in the final version of Windows 8, all Microsoft is ensuring is that there will be more software programs developed to do just this.

This does raise a very important question – will Microsoft go as far as to threaten litigation to software third party vendors who get around this? If the answer is no, it almost seems like why not just give users the choice in the first place?

This is one of my pet peeves with Windows 8 that I have documented from the beginning – it’s a decision that seeks to veto the choice of the consumer. Those usually never end well.

What do you think?

Would you like to be able to boot directly to the desktop?

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Onuora Amobi is the Founder and VP of Digital Marketing at Learn About The Web Inc. Onuora has more than a decade of information security, project management and management consulting experience. He has specialized in the management and deployment of large scale ERP client/server systems.

In addition to being a former Microsoft MVP and the founder and editor of, he is the CEO of a Pasadena based online marketing education startup - Learn About The Web Inc. ( and The Redmond Cloud (

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  • Tarkus

    It’s a dumb idea. People are already resistant to change, and pounding them over the head isn’t going to help. They need to ease people through the transition, rather than trying to force-feed them.

    I like Classic Shell much better than Start8, but I don’t know if it’s compatible with RTM (it is with RP).

    • Rex

      I realize people dont like change and they like to have things their way. But really, is this such a terrible thing? When someone starts their computer, unless it has been asleep or hibernating, they need to start a program to do anything. This means going to the start menu. Windows 8 starts at the replacement to the start menu. I think it is really silly that someone would start their computer, want a program to automatically open the desktop and then manually go back to metro to open a program. Makes me wonder, do people really think much?

      • timiteh

        I love changes but i do not like several of the U.I changes brought by Windows 8, especially on desktop and laptop.
        The desktop deserved more improvements and inovations. Like for example virtual desktops, video as background, semantic zoom, optional horizontal and vertical scrolling, 3D desktop ,Widgets, advanced customization ,etc…
        And AERO deserved an evolution and not a complete removal for the sake of Metro. Metro is great for some context and some applications, not for everything and for all applications.
        Windows 8 the way it is, is a great O.S for tablets and low end convertibles, but not so great for high end convertibles and traditionnal desktop and laptops.
        Heck,it is not even that great for netbook as several features are disabled on this form factor.
        The way i see it, Microsoft want to kill the traditionnal laptop/desktop form factor in favor of convertible/tablet (for both consumers and business users), thin clients(for enterprise) and private/public based cloud based from devices such as the next XBox to datacenter.
        It would not surprize me if Microsoft wish to replace home desktop by the Next XBox based devices and PixelSense like devices.
        I am ready to bet $ 1000 that the Next XBox will be a multimedia/applications server offering consumer private cloud as an option.

      • WillyThePooh

        True. Unless all the program icons are listed on the desktop or there is a start menu, there is no point to boot into desktop directly. If you love desktop so much and love to use mouse and keyboard, please stay in Win7. There is no point to move to Win8.

        • carolt1954

          Staying with Windows 7 may be difficult if new computers come with Windows 8. Businesses will want a desktop environment also. This may end up the way the move to Win 7 from XP took place with downgrading the OS to Win 7. Our company just went to Windows 7 last year. Half of the computers in use are still on Win XP. I can see up skipping Win 8 and hoping that Windows 9 will be more adaptable for the business environment.

    • Bruno Del Frate

      FYI, Tarkus, Classic Shell works perfectly with RTM! 🙂

  • timiteh

    Well if i wanted a closed platform i would choose either MAC or iDevices.
    What annoy me is less the fact that Windows 8 boot in the start screen but the fact that Microsoft is denying choice for the users. The choice to customize their O.S and U.I the way they want. I didn’t want a Tablet first U.I on either my desktop or my laptop. I want an evolved desktop U.I on both of them. Thus i want to boot on the desktop and i want the start screen in a window not full screen. Is it too much to ask to have the choice to do so ?
    Metro, or whatever Microsoft plan to call it, is a work in progress and the way it is implemented on Windows 8 is unfinished and underpowered to say the least.
    Moreover, it is optimized for touch and for low end hardware first. Thus it is not that taylored for mouse and keyboard and is not taking advantage of the incredible power of today hardware.
    Last and not the least, there were several ways to significantly improve the desktop experience for Windows 8 but Microsoft choose not to. Great for them but they should not complain when their marketshare will be drastically reduced in the upcoming years.
    I am all for changes but Metro fit none of my vision for the future of computing especially for the future of PC. I like beautiful and appealing U.I and Metro is not even remotely as beautiful as AERO.
    I wanted a paradigm for both P.C software and hardware, but not a dumb down of U.I and such of a focus on low end touch based P.C.
    I wanted a new generation of powerful and optimized hardware with a lot of new capabilities and a modern O.S fast,powerful and able to take full advantage of this new generation of hardware.
    Instead Microsoft is trying to push tablet and all this cloud b.s.
    Unfortunately, they are not the only one pushing in this direction and Linux is still not a viable alternative for Windows.
    This is very sad.

  • damianklop

    There is what the consumer wants and what Microsoft wants. With Windows 8, Microsoft has often been at odds with consumers. This is a dangerous policy because it says to the consumer – stuff you (and your little dog too!).

  • Opcharl

    Microsoft could have VISTA II in Windows 8

  • Michael

    Hmmmm, Weird isn’t it?

    OK Windows8 on your PC, do this:
    1) Start Win8 
    2) It boots to the Start screen 
    3) Don’t touch or click anything 
    4) After a few seconds it loads the desktop by itself!   

    So what is the big deal Microsoft? If people want to boot directly to the desktop MAKE IT SO THEY CAN!  

    Every time the marketing people at MS say, “give the consumer what they want”, I can see Ballmar and his mates stamping their feet and jumping up and down like a spoilt kid who wants a lollipop saying, “NOOOOO we want the START screen to be loaded first”.

    The big question is: Will there be a Windows9? Or is this going the halt MS in it’s tracks. After all the consumer knows what heshe wants, and if the developer doesn’t give them the choice, they go else-where.