Microsoft working hard to make a reasonable Windows Phone 8 release date?

So Tom Warren at the Verge is reporting that Microsoft is scrambling (along with OEM’s) to get Windows Phone 8 tested and ready for next month.

The story talks about OEM’s like Nokia, Samsung and HTC putting Windows Phone 8 through it’s paces and last minute bug fixing.

I’m not new to software development so all that is pretty normal but it’s just sad that these things can’t APPEAR to go more smoothly.

I never seem to hear about Apple running late with an update or scrambling to make promised dates. That’s not to say that they don’t, it’s just that they manage expectations better and keep leaks down to a minimum.

Of course Apple don’t have any hardware partners so…


Like I said before, I am having trouble getting excited about these phones so far. Let’s see what comes from Microsoft in October.

Check out Tom Warren’s story in theVerge.