Microsoft’s 2013 Year In Review Is A Selfie Video, Watch Here

The practice has been on record since the 1830s, the word since 2002 at least. It was last year, however, that the word ‘selfie’ was included in the Oxford English Dictionary.

In fact, in November 2013 they awarded it the ‘Word of the Year’ status.

Never the one to be left behind, Microsoft has just created a new video and titled it selfie. The clip is basically a year in review that highlights Redmond’s various milestones — events and marks it considers to be the most important.

And yes, Windows 8.1 is the showpiece.

But if you have been following what the company has been doing these past few months, it is not that hard to guess what is included in the clip. Everything from Surface 2 to Yammer, to Xbox One, and products and services like Office and Bing make an appearance.

You can watch the video here:

Slightly high on cheese, but a richly produced video by any account.

Missing among the notable mentions is Windows Phone, but considering things have been on the slow side on that front, maybe that is for this year’s video. Can’t have everything, eh?

The company is on track to release Windows Phone 8.1 sometime in summer 2014.

Not to mention that this year also has a lot in store for the technology titan — from Surface Mini to the third generation tablets, a new version of two of Windows, and the other Microsoft services, and oh a new CEO to go with all this.