Wow, that was quick.

I just got off the phone with a rep from CDW who assured me that I wasn’t high or on crack.

More importantly, my eyes weren’t deceiving me.

CDW Surface Pro

CDW Surface Pro

CDW part 3065473 and Manufacturer part K7X-00001 really do a show a Microsoft Surface Pro with 256GB of storage.

She said if I preordered, it would ship withing 6 days guaranteed.

I guess the question is would you buy a Surface Pro with more Hard Drive space?

Also, what do you think of the price $1200?

Use the comments and let me know..

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  1. 256GB might be enough to get me to buy.

    That 1200 dollar price is still a little steep for such a small screen….

  2. With Bitcasa and a 64 GB Micro SD card, 128 has been more than enough, and I used to need at least 500 to 750 in my old laptops. Still, if the next version of Surface has this and a haswell, I’m sold.

  3. Who the hell would buy a Surface Pro anyway?

    I’d rather still buy a Macbook Pro.

  4. I think Surface is great but the keyboard floating around not for me – I vote for the Dell Ultrabook XPS Duo 12 convertible, with 256 SSD – all in one (the famous toaster and blender in one – like a Swiss pocket knife… really useful and well finished). I wonder why Dell and Win 8 don’t get more traction against the rest…

  5. Price too high. No keyboard or Microsoft 2013. Tablets will be coming out cheaper by other vendors.

  6. Still too heavy for a 10 inch tablet. That’s it’s main problem.

  7. Our company owns a dozen SP/128GB/click keyboard – the current specs are great and WE LOVE THEM. They are fast, sleek and amazingly productive – EXCEPT… the short battery life makes them unusable for travel, field work etc. The ONLY upgrade we need before buying our next dozen is LONGER BATTERY LIFE. 256GB would be nice, but not a NEEDED upgrade for.

  8. Charles V Brown Jr / July 1, 2013 at 2:04 pm /Reply

    As an “Executive” laptop replacement toy, a $1500 or $1800 price would make it more appealing! PS … The Win 8.1 Start Button is an insult of the highest degree.

  9. I could not afford a Surface Pro. I don’t want all the expense of a machine that uses active cooling because it has a CPU that is more powerful than I need. Nor do I like the limitations of the kick-stand and compromised keyboard.

    Instead I spent a bit over £500 on an Acer W510 which has a 10-inch display and comes with a keyboard dock that has its own battery that is used in preference to the one in the tablet while the two are docked.

    Yes the W510 has an Atom Z2760 CPU. But it is dual-core, and amply fast enough for what I use the tablet for. Not like the old single-core Atoms. It runs Windows 8, not RT, and I am looking forward to upgrading it to Windows 8.1 later this year.

    With the twin batteries, it takes forever to run it down. Really impressive. No anxiety about it going flat while watching a few hours of YouTube or iPlayer.

    Now to the keyboard: Ok, it is not perfect. Acer could have done a better job. But it is adequate. And there is a big advantage to it, which is that the tablet slots into a recess that rotates so that the angle of the tablet can be adjusted. Unlike the Surface.

    When the tablet and keyboard are docked, they form a notebook. It can be folded shut, so that it is far less vulnerable. I don’t like trackpads so I use it with a Bluetooth notebook mouse when I am in creation mode. For consumption I use the touch-screen.

    While sitting in bed with it, I don’t need to grow arm muscles holding up the tablet because I can put it in the keyboard dock and let that hold it up. At any angle I want. And it is so easy to reach over the keyboard to tap the screen.

    So I think Acer are onto a winner with this design. It is just a pity that few people realise its advantages. There are a lot of weird and wacky designs out there at the moment, because vendors have kicked off some evolution, throwing stuff out into the marketplace to see what catches on. I think the W510 represents a design that has a lot of merit.

    Having said that, I think Microsoft have done well in releasing the Surface products. Not bad for a first attempt. But the Surface RT poses a problem because RT only has a limited desktop mode specific to built-in apps (unless Microsoft decides to open up the RT desktop, which is not impossible, but could impose a support burden for some years, one that may not be worthwhile if the new Intel CPUs displace ARM). And this is why all new non-Microsoft Windows 8 machines are not running RT.

    I am glad I have a Windows 8 tablet and not an RT one. However I think it is too early to write off RT because I expect it and Windows Phone will eventually merge. And the Store is picking up some momentum at last. (Windows 8 unlike RT does not come with Office. But try Kingsoft Office!)

    • how would you compare Kingsoft Office capabilities to OpenOffice? (good review notes by the way)

      • At the risk of getting off the subject here…
        It is years since I tried Open Office. I came across Kingsoft Office when I installed Foxit Reader. I installed it not expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised. Having said that, my use of office apps is minimal, so I installed it mostly ‘just in case’. (I have the latest Microsoft Office on my other laptop as a cheap deal from my employer.)
        As far as I can determine, Kingsoft Office was written in the Republic of China. This carries a lot of implications for the future.
        As far as Open Office goes, I have unhappy memories of it screwing up the section numbering of a large document. I had to abandon all the edits I had made and go back to the original document (which was produced in Microsoft Word). I never looked at Open Office again after that, and that was probably about 5 years ago.
        I have not tested Kingsoft Office other than writing a single document, so if anyone else has done so, this would be useful to know about. I have seen some positive reviews of Kingsoft Office.
        I have also used SoftMaker Office in the past, and found that quite good, but it is not free.

  10. I’ll wait for a Haswell upgrade before I make any decisions.

  11. price is still way too high. I bought an acer tablet running windows 8 premium with a 13 in screen that twists to make a tablet-1TB SDHD and 4GB of memory and it runs the android emulator so you can run your itty bitty cell phone games on a large screen so you can see what you are doing! The only thing this does not have is a burner and I fixed that by buying a slimline bluray dvdrw..AND got the whole package for less then $800. this does everything a laptop would do as well as everything a pad would do and it plays audio books as we;; as all formates of ebooks using the free program calibre, that can change ebooks from one format to another with no problem.

  12. no matter what MS offers, there will always be idiots putting it down. BTW I’m on the phone ordering mine!

  13. Manish Kohli / July 1, 2013 at 6:09 pm /Reply

    I think they’re selling their hardware all wrong. Given what the Surface Pro offers, I can understand why they might price it so high. It’s meant to be a full out PC with tablet capabilities (gyro, accelerometer, etc.) and essentially, a powerhouse machine for getting work done. But, given that it’s their first try at the PC market, they don’t have much of a following for their hardware and their OS is still working its way up. They should follow in Acer’s footsteps in trying to downprice their machines a little bit to try and get a following. Acer used to have a horrible reputation for their laptops but have actually been putting out decent machines recently WHICH have been selling because they’re pricing them low. By doing this, people buy their hardware and start to realize that they’re not that bad.

    Microsoft needs to reduce the price just to help build a following. They may be selling “premium” hardware but they dont have any fanbase to sell it too, unlike Apple who has consumers that would line up day and night and willingly pay ten times the price for the last 10 macbooks on earth (if such an event would occur)..

    I think they need to rethink their marketing strategy. I’m 100% behind microsoft and do believe that PCs do still hvae a place in the market, they just need to work better on selling their machinery.

  14. will it come to SOUTH AFRICA

  15. I don’t think I would be buying it. At least not until they make it round instead of “proffessional”,”boxy-style”. With versions in several different colors (like Apple used to do with their early iMac and iBook’s). Fully capable of running non-Windows OS’s (I need to use Linux and BSD for college coursework, and they NEED TO RUN DIRECTLY, virtualization won’t cut it for my college coursework) which means no straneous, propietary windows-only ACPI, UEFI implementation or WIFI. multi-format card-reader And USER-REPLACEABLE, LITHIUM POLYMER (not the crappy li-ion) 12-cell battery.
    But since M$ is “ALL PROFFESSIONAL, ALL PRODUCTIVE” and BLING HATER. I’m sure those features WILL NEVER appear in the surface pro.

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